Babyhood Sleep Positioner Anti-Roll Pillow

Babyhood Sleep Positioner Anti-Roll Pillow

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BabyHood Sleep Positioner Anti-Roll Pillow

The Babyhood Sleep Positioner is designed to support your bab while they sleep and perhaps give you a little more sleep too. Fully adjustable to ensure a snug fit and reduce the chance of your baby rolling.

The babyhood Sleep Positioner is created to help your child and also to prevent the child from rolling over. The Baby Sleep Positioner is made out of a soft micro towelling fabric that is stain proof and colourfast. It is also machine washable. The Sleep Positioner / Anti Roll Pillow is adjustable and can be made bigger or smaller to obtain the correct fit as your child develops.

No more sleeplessness stressing about your baby rolling over. Perfect for use with the babyhood Cosy Crib.